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 How can I make my life more enjoyable?

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PostSubject: How can I make my life more enjoyable?   Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:12 am

I'm an atheist and I really don't think there's any purpose to life whatsoever. Therefore, all the pleasure I get from life is of my own making. I like it if people think I'm a pleasant person but I really don't know what people think of me. I find it very hard to relate to other people and, at 44, I've never had a relationship. I don't know if I want one or even if I'd know what love is if it hit me in the face.

The one thing that gives me pleasure and which I can obtain is food. I like cooking and I like eating but living to eat is not fulfilling. I love my cats, though I'm convinced that they just see me as a pleasantly warm food dispenser.

The biggest problem in my life is that I loathe my job. I see it as a means of earning a pension and nothing more. I desperately want a job that feels satisfying. In my current job I daydream about ways to get rid of the management because they're worse than useless. I long for a job where I think that my managers do a good job.



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How can I make my life more enjoyable?
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