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 Nurse or occupational therapist?

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PostSubject: Nurse or occupational therapist?   Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:51 am

I have a place on a access to health care course that i'm starting in a couple of weeks. However, i know that just after i start we will be applying to UCAS and i am still undecided Sad. I cannot decide weather or not to do nursing or occupational therapy. I am thinking more nursing but i am very worried as i am quite an emotional person and also worried about giving needles ect... but i have been told that this comes with time and you get used to these sorts of issues. I am drawn also to occupational therapy as i believe i would also enjoy this job, working closely with patients and hours ect. I have done lots of research but would love to hear from nurses and OT's. Pro's and con's, is it easy to get jobs after graduating, carer progression, placements and hours you study whilst on the degree, how hard was the degree, financial help and just basically any advice you could give through your own experience??
i would appreciate any help thank you Smile


Occupational Therapy Jobs

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Nurse or occupational therapist?
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