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 Which sector to choose after MBA marketing?

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PostSubject: Which sector to choose after MBA marketing?   Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:26 am

hi there,
this is the first time i have decided to take up some consultation regarding my job and career.
i am an Bachelor in Computer Applications, but as programming did not get under my skin, i planned to opt for MBA. now after completing my MBA in marketing, i have been offered jobs in people oriented fields, as hardcore as real estate and retail, for instance. i joined the jobs to pay my educational loans but soon i realized that those were not the areas where i find myself comfortable. but to the contrary, my personality gels best for public interactions, but i do not find peace in it at all. i was making great sales, having good client relations but inside i did not feel comfortable ever. so, i felt, talking to people for opinions and suggestions would be the best to start with, so, i am posting this comment seeking your views and suggestions. my inclination have been towards doing something creative, where i can learn, and implement those learning to improvise, rather than just sharpening my street-smartness and using it to entrap customers more easily and more effectively, which i am tired doing, as retail is all about that only, i am in search of a job where my efforts and inputs are more of a use than merely "selling". in india, i am facing the hard fact that huge part of industry have misunderstood marketing for selling, and marketing is merged and seen and considered as selling itself, so i have been offered selling profiles all the time. i need to get out of this "selling" blanket. i would appreciate your guidance and opinions on which sector can i opt, which courses may add up to mba to help me find a rather productive, stable and subtle job. thanks in advance. regards.


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Which sector to choose after MBA marketing?
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